30 July 2010
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10 ways to spice up the election dish


Dominic Knight

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  • Ture Sjolander :

    07 Aug 2010 10:25:18am

    There is No permanent Australian Values. It is all a fabrication from a small fascistic group of dwarf dictators also nagging about The Australian Lifestyle.
    The same political dictatorial dwarfs think they represent the real Australia. Ordinary Australians do not looks like the main news media is trying to describe the citizens.
    It is a very small number of people who looks like "Footy-players", RSL club members, beer drinkers in Pubs. The great majority of Australians are immigrants without cows and sheepdogs.
    100.000 are homeless and millions and millions live in the suburbs of the 4 bigger cities without any PhD and being of Non-English-Speaking backgrounds.
    The Real population composition has never been presented for the people!
    The whole nation is being run by a small bunch of Thugs.

    • Ture Sjolander :

      07 Aug 2010 9:50:36am

      If I was Tony "Julia" Rudd AND Kevin Abbott I would take a cab to the airport and simply go away for a long nice trip to a nice place and have a break, and leave the Australian citizens in disarray, as they deserve it.
      The Australians (14 million) are not qualified to vote under the current conditions. No one is!

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             TURE  SJOLANDER