11 August 2010

Republicans divided


From that it seems the republicans are as divided as they always have been.

Professor David Flint is the national convenor of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy.

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      • Ture Sjolander :

        11 Aug 2010 12:49:56pm

        There is another way around this problem:
        A democratic elected Australian Head of State could actually run the Commonwealth including England too.
        Do you get the picture? This is the paradox.
        It is not a matter of Republicanism it is a matter of democracy!
        Australia do not yet practice Full Democracy and that is the main problem.
        Would Britain accept a foreign Head of State?
        The Queen is in a dire need of a Prime Minister and not the people of Australia.
        The situation is the same e.g. in Sweden. The King need a "Stats Minister" so he can open the Parliament and save his Kingdom.
        Neither a Queen or a King bother if the Prime Minister is a Male or a Female, Left or Right, Blue or Red, Black or White or anything else, as long a Prime Minister will be appointed.
        So what do we have here? Right Place, Wrong People, in the Parliament...
        Fascistic Democratic Monarchy do not work but Social Democracy can very well replace it.

          • Gregor :

            11 Aug 2010 1:07:20pm

            "Australia do not yet practice Full Democracy and that is the main problem."

            Understatement of the century - look at this election. We're being treated like mugs.

            The last referendum on the monarchy was a perfect example of how to scam the populace, from a master.

            • Haha :

              11 Aug 2010 4:21:35pm

              "Would Britain accept a foreign Head of State?"

              No, of course not.

              And since Liz is the Queen of Australia, she can't really be considered foreign. Can she?

              She doesn't rule us as Queen of England. Otherwise the english parliament would be passing our laws, which they don't.

              Aside from that, what have you got against foreign heads of state?

                • Ture Sjolander :

                  11 Aug 2010 6:04:40pm

                  I have nothing against "foreign heads of state?" in Australia and England if the heads are of Non-English-Speaking-Background!

                  Actually I would embrace a Parliament of Australia composed by Australian NESB citizens, for a change.
                  And so would they...in accordance to the current population composition.
                  Do you have anything against NESB and who am I speaking to? Phantom of the Opera?


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