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Introduction by R. Buckminster Fuller

(extracts from page 331 of 331-334)



" In the production of " MONUMENT " , the frequency and amplitude of the flying-

spot deflection was controlled by applying tones from the wave-forms generators.

Thus image distortions occured during the acutal process of transforming original

image material into video signals, since the scan that produces the signal was

electromagnetically altered.

In principle this process is similar to methods used by Nam June Paik and others,

except that the Swedish group applied the techniques at an early stage in the

video process, before signal or videotape information existed. "

Gene Youngblood. 1969



Video Exhibition Advisors:

Brian Hoey and Wendy Brown.

Biddick Farm Art Centre

Washington/Newcastle-England - October - November 1979.

extracts from exhibition catalogue;


" In the mid 1960's Nam June Paik bought the first portable video kit available in New York and recorded his taxi ride to an Art Gallery where the tape was replayed.

This is often claimed to be the first video art tape.

Was it ?

The event is significant as an early demonstration of the

equipment's capabilities but is the tape itself anything other

than the documentation of a taxi ride?


Certainly one of the earliest examples of a video tape in whish the creators have consciously manipulated the electronic signals that form the picture is " TIME " by Ture Sjolander and Bror Wikstrom.

This was produced in 1965-66 and was followed in 1967 by MONUMENT , on which Sjolander collaborated with Lars Weck.

Rather than the artist 're-presenting' images, these works show a decisive stage in the video artist's ability to manipulate his medium in a manner akin to other, more traditional, art forms.

" Time " and " Monument " were broadcast on Swedish television and it is ironic that these pioneers works had, for technical reasons, to be transferred to film to facilitate their eventual broadcast."


Brian Hoey & Wendy Brown

September 1979 - London

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I looked at your CD last week with Woody and Steina.
We were all much impressed.
Your early work was artistically beautiful and technically very interesting.
Thanks very much for sending it.

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Yes I've received the CD. Thanks.
I haven't looked at it yet because I don't have easy access to a Mac.
Steina has one but she's out of town.
We'll look at it together when she gets back.

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I would be pleased to have a CD of your early works.
I would show them in my classes on the history of video art.
As for finding a host on the Web,the only possibility I'm aware of is the Art and Science Laboratory (the Vasulkas), and what they post on their site is not my decision but theirs.

I would certainly show your work to them.

Gene Youngblood

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