Charles Chaplin and Ture Sjolander 1973 - 1974 deal in London.
Signed by Chaplin and Ture Sjolander
Title Page in the portfolio of 30  different prints.
Charles Chaplin and Ture Sjolander in London 1973 Charles Saatchi Gallery
Mr. Ture Sjolander
Valhallavagen 147
S- 115 31 Stockholm

Dear Ture:

I am sorry I was out when you called about Allan Stone, but I have heard nothing from his side and assume that he will eventually, and hopefully, come up with the sale of the portfolio. In the interim, I am formally requesting you to turn over to Bertil Ohlsson all of the canvasses that were made, including the one bearing Charles Chaplin's signature. As you know, the canvasses were not included in our contract and these are by special permission of the Chaplins' personally, so that I bear the moral, legal and ethical responsibility to ensure that these are not disposed of, loaned or in any way handled until such time as we get a formal offer for them which I can transmit to the Chaplins, and then incorporate in our Master contract.

I would therefore feel far more comfortable if they were in Bertil Ohlsson's office, and would very much appreciate you complying with this request immediately.

With all good wishes,


cc: Bertil Ohlsson

The complete art-work
of the Portfolio of 30  pages of  colour prints 60x60 cm, will soon be published, including the meeting between Sjolander and Chaplin, Oona and the secretary Ford and Mo Rothman in London. Mo and Lyn Rothman made a visit thereafter to Stockholm and had a great day with the artist and a lunch in the archipelago. All of the entire written correspondence will also be presented at the same website.
The above signed painting by
Charles Chaplin and
Ture Sjolander  would be found in the deceased
Harry Schein's  estate.
March 8, 1974
Saatchi Eaton Square
This Web site is dedicated to the Goddess of Bangalore
Igor Stravinskys Ture Sjolander

The Art of Communication
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Sjolander met Garbo, Stravinsky and was invited by
Charles Chaplin to London. Click on the pictures left.
Greta garbo Ture Sjolander
Charles Chaplin 1977
Ture Sjolander 1973
Things to see in the meanwhile
Things to see in the meanwhile
Things to see in the meanwhile
Ture Sjolander 2007
Making "Brillo-Boxes"
with the Director of Pompidou,
Pontus Hulten, Andy Warhol
and Denise Renee in Paris
October 1973.
"Handed over the matter"
One Page of 30 graphic prints
Jesus did not write a book. He used 12 stupid secretarians writings, and did Einstein write a book.
"No intelligent people are writing books !
and making PhD,s"
Ture Sjolander

Television Interview
Ture Sjolander
Den svenska konst maffian
Swedish Language Sound/Audio
newstime 2012
" Jag nöjer mig med min roll som värphöna kacklade den blonda svenskan från podiet i Svenska Kyrkan när hon anlände till Australien med sin mans jobb "  - Ture Sjolander
" Jag har inte förtjänat några vänner så jag säger hämed upp mig med omedelbar verkan "         - Ture Sjolander
"I was not Joseph Banks girl friend at the sea for 3 years" - Sjolander
short info 2012
Print from Ture Sjolander Chaplin Portfolio 1973  1/25 edition 62x62 cm. Commission by Charles Chaplin.

Each portfolio signed and contents 30 different prints and one canvas.
Multi Dimensional Law and Space 21th Century